BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Ticket information 2017


Tickets can be purchased at or, in Bergen Kino’s app and in the kiosks at Bergen Kino. Tickets bought online or in the app don’t have to be printed. Show the code when entering the screening hall.

Single tickets

NOK 90 online or in the app

NOK 95 at Bergen Kinos kiosks

BIFF Discount Card:

NOK 65 online NB! The BIFF card cannot be used in the app. Please use the online booking instead.

NOK 70 per ticket at Bergen Kinos kiosks

The card is sold at Bergen Kino, and costs NOK 650 (+ NOK 20 for the card) = 10 tickets. You may add more cash to the discount card with a minimum of NOK 195 each time, equivalent to 3 tickets. The card is valid for 2 festivals. If you have bought a BIFF Card in 2016 it is also valid in 2017.

Check the status and credit on your BIFF card online here. If you don't have your PIN code, please visit the kiosk at Bergen Kino to get a new one.

The card is not personal, so you may buy several tickets for the same screening. If you have a card from last year’s festival it can be used this year.

Please note that the screenings at Cinemateket, Røkeriet (Verftet USF), and Tivoli (Det Akademiske Kvarter), can also be purchased online and at Bergen Kino ticket office. These must be picked up at Bergen Kino before the screening. Cinemateket USF, Røkeriet USF and Tivoli only have full price ticket sales before the screening (NOK 95).

Tickets for wheelchair users, NOK 65, and NOK 65 for companion ticket. Because of unnumbered seating, these tickets need to be purchased at Bergen Cinema or by contacting the cinema directly.


Un-numbered seating at all screenings.

The screenings start on time (no commercials).

The general age limit is 15 years of age.

Programme changes: Changes will be announced at and at the cinema. You may exchange to another ticket/screening in case of cancellation.

Accreditation: People with accreditation and volunteers must pick up tickets at Bergen Kino for screenings the same day and the next day, also for screenings at other venues. Show ticket and accreditation card/volunteer band when entering the venue.