BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober

The Package

Norge / 2002 / 73 min
Frode Nordås

Jon has been dumped by his girlfriend, which has lead to extensive partying and he’s now broke. After a party one night, his mate Kurt suggests he sell more furniture to strengthen his financial situation. The plan is fair enough, but on the way they pick up a hitchhiker, Elin, who’s a substitute teacher at Bømlo. Both guys like Elin.

Tanja and Roger are a couple of light criminals from Trøndelag whose ambitions are higher than their abilities. They are supposed to pick up a package of mysterious contents and then go home. The only problem being their lack of local knowledge; they need a guide. The lure Elin into guiding, them -snapping her away from Jon and Kurt, who are left standing there, intent on revenge. They manage to mess up the criminals’ plans and Tanja and Roger turn to desperate measures.

Frode Nordås