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Politics Of Fur

Politics of Fur
USA / 2002 / 77 min
Laura Nix

Not since Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant have power dynamics in a lesbian affair been given such a joyfully nasty and deliriously sexy treatment. Una’s life is sleek and picture perfect; she’s a wickedly successful music producer with a mansion covered in spotless white shag-pile; a gay boy-toy personal assistant who is slavishly devoted to her; and a baby tiger for the ultimate in decadent pets. So what do you give a girl who has everything? Enter the spiky punk rocker B - a ‘birthday present’ from an indulgent colleague - and Una’s hooked. When B is immediately moved in as both lover and her future-next-big-thing, Una’s life becomes less ‘controlled’, than ‘controlled substance’. Politics of Fur is gloriously biting satire of the pampered fast lane of Los Angeles’ media culture, and a perfectly stylised update of Fassbinder’s dyke classic.

Laura Nix