BIFF 2020
Cinema Extraordinaire

The Rule of the Game

Wa dong ren
Taiwan / 2001 / 103 min
Ho Ping

There is a Chinese saying; "birds die for food - people die for fortune". THE RULE OF THE GAME tells a story of several downbeat characters who are willing to die for money. Chewy is the least greedy one, but has the most serious problem. He is not pursuing money, sex or even a better future. He has lost all hopes and desire. He can't go on playing the game. As a 2nd. generation Mainland Chinese refuge in Taiwan, he cannot find a "home" or identity. His only family and companion is an old dog. This movie is about destiny and irony of my generation in Taiwan. When the hole is filled, it becomes a grave. Perhaps Chewy should dig a hole for himself, a well-planned hole where he can lie down and rest with comfort and dignity. - Ho Ping.