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Facing Windows

Facing Window

La finestra di fronte
Italia/ 2003/ 1 t. 47 min.
Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Massimo Girotti, Raoul Bova, Filippo Nigro, Serra Yilmaz, Massimo Poggio, Ivan Bacchi, Maria Grazia Bon, Rosaria Di Cicco, Flavio Insinna, Elisabeth Kaza, Olimpia Carlisi m.fl.
Ferzan Ozpetek
Gianni Romoli og Ferzan Ozpetek
Gianfilippo Corticelli
Tilde Corsi og Gianni Romoli

Ferzan Ozpetek’s carefully constructed FACING WINDOW looks at how troublesome, seemingly random incidents in the present can have unexpected links to the past – and to memories of events that have been suppressed and almost forgotten.

Giovanna has not yet reached thirty but she already has several years of a somewhat “tired” marriage with Filippo behind her. She divides her time between a tedious job, two small children and extra work as a baker for a local café. The only way for her to relieve her stress is the occasional night-time observation of an attractive young man living in the flat opposite and the fabrication of dreams. Giovanna’s stereotypical life is disturbed by an old man Filippo brings home one evening. Her initial mistrust turns to increasing fascination with a person swathed in mystery whose layers she gradually begins to peel away. The strange life of the eighty-year-old Davide influences Giovanna’s life more than she is prepared to admit.

Combining elements of mystery, love story and historical rumination, FACING WINDOW is about finding and fulfilling one’s destiny. As the old man slowly recovers his memory and Giovanna’s connection with her neighbour develops, we watch the miracle of chance as it interweaves people’s lives, creating completely new relationships with all their attendant hopes and aspirations. The elusiveness of the film, difficult to describe, provides both its attraction and its power.

Ferzan Ozpetek

Ferzan Ozpetek was born in Istanbul in 1959. At 19 he moved to Italia to study history and film. He has worked for Julian Beck, and been assistant director for Maurizio Ponzi, Massimo Troisi, Ricky Tognazzi og Marco Risi. Ozpetek directed his first feature HAMAM in 1997. Other films: HAREM SQUARE (1999) and LE FATE IGNORANTI (2001).