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Blessing Bell

The Blessing Bell

Kôfuku no kane
Japan / 2002 / 87 min

Another comedy by director Sabu. THE BLESSING BELL follows the trail of a man who may be the luckiest unlucky person alive. A factory shutdown leaves Igarashi jobless on his first day of work. Later that same day he gets arrested for murder. In the prison cell he meets a man who speaks to his dead wife. And so on. There seems to be no end to Igarashi’s adventures. But throughout every incident, Igarashi maintains a deadpan expression, like a japanese Buster Keaton. And the irony of the main character’s indifference as he faces these unexpected events seems to suggest Sabu’s view of looking at life with humour and wry observation.


Sabu (Hiroyuki Tanaka) was born in 1964 in Wakayama, Japan. He made his debut as an actor in 1986 with SOROBANZUKU, and acted in several films in Japan during the 90's. D.A.N.G.A.N RUNNER (1996), in which he also had a small part, was his debut as director. Other films: POSTMAN BLUES (1997), UNLUCKY MONKEY (1998), MONDAY (2000) and DRIVE (2001).