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In My Skin

Dans Ma Peau
Frankrike / 2002 / 93 min
Marina de Van

An ambitious young businesswoman (writer-director Maria de Van) accidentally cuts her leg while at a party one night โ€“ a seemingly innocuous incident, yet one which leads her, little by little, into the dark nether-world of self-mutilation and, finally, the depths of madness. Graphic and uncompromising, this is cinema at its most extreme โ€“ but also a powerful and resonant piece of work: a stunning debut from one of the most interesting new talents in world cinema.

Marina de Van

Marina de Van is a controversial artist who graduated from National Film School (FEMIS) i Paris. She has directed several price winning shorts, such as PSY.SHOW (1999) and RETENTION (1997), and acted in Ozon's films REGARDE LA MER (1997) and SITCOM (1998). She also co-wrote UNDER THE SAND(2001) og 8 WOMEN (2002) with Ozon. IN MY SKIN is her debut feature film as director. As a result of some of her shorts, where sex and public nudity has been central, and IN MY SKIN, she has been labeled as French film's enfant terrible.