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Noi albinoi

Noi the Albino

Nói albínói
Island / 2003 / 93 min
Dagur Kári

Contrary to other film slackers, Nói is not really lazy –he is simply too intelligent for the snowbound Icelandic village in which he is trapped. With hollow cheeks and a shaven head, he looks like some kind of slacker Nosferatu, shuffling around the village and its strange and pathetic inhabitants. Only the pretty girl behind the counter at the café bears promise, in a film in which monotony nevertheless is depicted with humour.

The film is beautifully shot, in greenish or bluish hues. With his sober, matter-of-fact approach to filmmaking, director Dagur Kári belongs to a Nordic tradition, with Aki Kaurismäki, Pål Sletaune and Bent Hamer. Still he has a distinct voice, with a gift for finding visual expression for quiet desperation. This amazing debut film touches pressure points that most directors never reach in their entire life.

Dagur Kári

Dragur Kári was born in Iceland in 1973 and studied at the Danish Film School until 1999. His short film LOST WEEKEND was his graduation film, which won eleven awards. NOI THE ALBINO is his first feature length film, which has already been a success at a great number of festivals this year.