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Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaekin
Sør-Korea / 2002 / 124 min
Sun-woo Jang

THE RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL is inspired by the story of the same name, but the film goes a step further with its unpredictable, techno Taoist approach, while well worn habits and opinions about love, telling stories and games are disrupted.

After the opening sequence, made as a silent film, we meet Ju, the Chinese-meal delivery boy, who encounters the girl who sells lighters. He phones the number on the lighter and thus steps inside a game. The aim of the game is to allow the girl to die a painless, loving death by freezing. The other players are a transsexual hitwoman and her boyfriend Lee, who has been hired by the Orwellian game control.

Sun-woo Jang

Sun-woo Jang (1952) started his career as a scriptwriter for television series. He made his début as a film director in 1986 with SEOUL JESUS. His next film, THE AGE OF SUCCESS (1988), was an allegorical satire on materialism in modern capitalist society.