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Small Town

Tsjekkia / 2003 / 99 min
Jan Kraus


"A sour little Czech village fails miserably but nobly at capitalism in the subversive social comedy SMALL TOWN. Helming debut from popular thesp Jan Kraus is a cockeyed valentine to the kind of resolute pluckiness in the face of adversity that is a hallmark of Czech culture and cinema. After 1989's Velvet Revolution, the winds of change blow fast and free in the small town of Mestecko (which means "small town"). Everyone, it seems, has a get-rich-quick scheme that just can't fail. Yet one by one, their dreams are shattered: it seems the free market economy isn't as malleable as party functionaries. Kraus modelled many of the characters on people he knows, and the largely no-name cast is assembled from regional theater thesps."
Eddie Cockrell
- Variety Critics' Choice, Karlovy Vary 2003

Jan Kraus

Jan Kraus (b. 1953) is an actor, screenwriter, and director, who began his acting career at the age of six. He appeared in THE CREMATOR and THE GIRL ON THE BROOMSTICK among others. His latest feature role was as Karel in Andrea Sedláčková’s SEDUCER. SMALL TOWN is his directorial debut.