BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
In the claustophobic midst of a cruel game where only one player survives
After fathering a child, Bruno stumbles onto a path towards crime and punishment.
Former crime investigator Van Veeteren is shocked when he learns that his son has been killed
Von Trier and Vinterberg join forces in DEAR WENDY, a savage satire of American obsession with guns
A squad of soilders is sent to a research facility on Mars - can they help when hell breaks loose?
Armin is 18 years old and starts to act strangely in order not to be suffocated by his boring life
A FAMILY portrays the troubled relationship between a rebellious daughter and her father.
The last week of 1999. In Taipei, the rain won't stop.
Touched by grace from being cured, Johanna discovers that she can cure others by offering her body.
Gus Van Sant’s LAST DAYS is a brilliant cinematic contemplation of a talented, eccentric musician.
Magical-realist romance infused with the poetic spirit of Marc Chagall
MURDERBALL follows a group of professional wheelchair athletes struggling to reach their goal
The brother of a suicide victim decides to look into the circumstances around his sister's death
A woman so desperate for children that she resorts to drastic, illegal measures
A bold and often bleakly humorous depiction of modern life and human frailty in contemporary Finland
A bittersweet comedy about a man with terminal cancer, his gay friend, compassion and understanding.
A no-budget local production about a group of students' games which turns nasty after a short while
An entertaining tribute to the legend of Brian Jones, co-founder of The Rolling Stones
When Zim gets in trouble with the police, he is forced to get a decent job within ten days.


4 is a remarkable piece of art. Although difficult to follow, it ultimately rewards its viewers.