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International documentary

Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness
/ 2005 / 90 min
Barbara Kopple & Bob Eisenhardt & Marijana Wotton
The chronicle of five female journalists who venture into the line of fire

A chronicle of five war correspondents who are working in the most dangerous places on earth. They have all two things in common: They pursue the good stories that mirror the situation at the places they are – and they are women. They work under the constant threat represented by war and killing, and the glamour we know from films and literature portraying war correspondents are nowhere to be found.

What drives them to continue their work? And how do they manage to spend their professional lifes in such circumstances?

Barbara Kopple & Bob Eisenhardt & Marijana Wotton

Barbara Kopple (b. 1946) has made several documantary films, for both cinema and television. She has won two Academy Awards, the first one as early as in 1977 for the documentary HARLAN COUNTY, USA. Lately she has received recognition for her portrait of Woody Allen in WILD MAN BLUES (1997), the rockumentary MY GENERATION (2000) and A CONVERSATION WITH GREGORY PECK (1999).