BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Cinema Extraordinaire
A Family

A Family

Sør-Korea / 2004 / 94 min
Lee Jeong-cheol
A FAMILY portrays the troubled relationship between a rebellious daughter and her father.

The audience is introduced to the family of three when the daughter, Joeng-eun, is released from prison. Instead of resolving the troubled relations to her father, a former police officer, she continues to hang out with her gangster friends.

The conflict between the two doesn't stop the father from one last attempt to help Joeng-eun. She thinks little of her fathers interference in her life, but soon she is faced with harsh realities and forced to make some tough decitions.

Lee Jeong-cheol

Lee is South Korean, and A FAMILY is his first feature. He describes his film like this: "I consider A FAMILY to be not a melodrama but a beautiful tragedy”.