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International documentary

Favela Rising

Favela Rising
USA / 2005 / 80 min
Jeff Zimbalist & Matt Mochary
The inspiring story of Anderson Sá, who uses music to fight violence in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Anderson Sá lives in Vigário Gera, one of the many slums, or ”favelas”, of Rio de Janeiro. A former drug dealer, Sá now dedicates his life to fighting the violence and hopelessness of his favela. His weapon is music: a combination of hip-hop, street rhythms and Afro-Brazilian dance. The result is AfroReggae: a musical genre, and also a whole movement. Despite the brutality and raging conflicts, the sights and sounds of the Brazilian favela make FAVELA RISING as enchanting as it is inspiring.

Jeff Zimbalist & Matt Mochary

Jeff Zimbalist is an undergraduate from Brown University, where he studied modern culture and media concentration. He spent five years travelling around Latin America, making short films about development issues, and has edited numerous documentary films for various news programs. FAVELA RISING is his first feature-length film.

Matt Mochary is an undergraduate from Yale University, and a graduate from Northwestern University. He is the founder of The Mochary Foundation, a charitable organization that promotes public education and supports various projects, amongst them AfroReggae. FAVELA RISING is his first film production.