BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary


Vogel Menschen
Tyskland / 2004 / 93 min
Eduard Erne
A study of man studying birds

This is the "making of" of the spectacular nature documentary WINGED MIGRATION, where a light motorised glider equipped with a camera follows migrating birds, offering the bird's-eye view of the world to the spectator. To familiarise the birds with people, they are surrounded by human noises from the moment they are able to hear – when they are still inside the egg.

BIRD PEOPLE shows how twenty people, ornithologists, filmmakers and adventurers, devoted four years of their lives in order to make this film.

Eduard Erne

Eduard Erne was born in 1958 in Bregenz, Austria, and studied directing at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He has worked in the theater as an actor and director in Vienna and Frankfurt am Main. He has also done some work for TV, directing TATORT and other TV Drama. He has lived in Frankfurt am Main since 1985. His most famous film is TOTSCHWEIGEN (1994), a documentary film telling the gruesome tale of the Holocaust in Austria. In 2000 he directed the documentary INDIRAS TAGEBUCH.