BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary

Medicine Under the Influence

Médecine sous influence
Canada / 2004 / 77 min
Lina B. Moreco
MEDICINE UNDER THE INFLUENCE asks the difficult question: Are all lives worth saving?


This brave and provocative documentary asks the questions few dare ask. Given the progression of medical science more lives can be saved. Children born prematurely or with degenerative neurological deceases, are being kept alive by new methods. Limit breaking records of neonatal care are hailed as miracles, but the consequences are seldom known. MEDICINE UNDER THE INFLUENCE follows doctors, parents, and some of the many children treated with life saving operations at birth, all of them with severe dysfunctions.

Lina B. Moreco

Lina B. Moreco made her film debut with the short film POLLUTION DE FAMILIE in 1988. She has studied architecture, film and sociology whilst making films for almost two decades. Her high social engagement is shown through making documentaries about topics such as child molesting, treatment of prisoners, aids and euthanasia. Moreco stands out as a brave film maker. Besides MEDICINE UNDER THE INFLUENCE her filmography includes VIVRE À MORT (1992), LA MORT DES MASQUES (1995), BELIEVING (1999) and LET ME DIE (2001).