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One Nite in Mongkok

Mongkok Hakye
Hongkong / 2004 / 110 min
Derek Yee
The rivalry between gangs in Mongkok has escalated and a killer is brought in to settle the score

The rivalry between gangs in Mongkok, Hong Kong, has escalated, and a contract killer is brought in to settle the scores. The police decide to intervene, and within the next 36 hours they will have to track down the killer in order to prevent the situation from getting even worse. This could be the description of an average easily forgotten film produced by the dozen in Hong Kong. However, movies like INFERNAL AFFAIRS have shown that there is room for complex characters and plots also in the Hong Kong tradition of filmmaking; ONE NITE IN MONGKOK is yet another exemple, and still you can add the magnificent choreography and cinematography of the traditional Hong Kong actionfilm.

Derek Yee

Derek Yee (Tung-Shing Yee) was born into a family of filmmakers and had his first venture with the industry as an actor. Still working as and actor he started writing scripts, and was credited as writer of the film THE LEGEND OF THE OWL 1981. In 1986 he directed his first feature lenght film, THE LUNATICS, which won him several prizes at the Hong Kong Film Festival. Yee has subsequently gained recognition both in Europe and Asia, and ONE NITE IN MONGKOK is his ninth feature as a director.