BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary

The Women of Mount Ararat

Les Femmes du Mont Ararat
Frankrike / 2004 / 85 min
Erwann Briand
WOMEN OF MOUNT ARARAT is a deeply absorbing portrait of a group of Kurdish women soldiers

In times of war, women’s voices are often silenced. THE WOMEN OF MOUNT ARARAT, a remarkable documentary by Erwann Briand, changes all that. He follows a group of six Kurdish women belonging to PKK who have taken up arms against the Turkish government. At the same time, they bravely challenge the perception and expected role of women in the Kurdish society. Briand is not interested in politics, but concentrates on the inner life of these fascinating women who are tender, compassionate and playful, but not afraid to die for what they believe in.

Erwann Briand

Erwann Briand was born in France in 1971. Having travelled to Eastern Europe on several occasions, he finally went to live in Poland where he studied at the Lodz School of Cinema, specializing in film directing. Upon his return to France in 1996, he has worked in film directing and script writing. His earlier films include DES POLAKS EN POLOGNE (2000), ANIELA (1996), LES BERGERS DES TATRAS (1994), LES EVADES (1993) og LE PRÊTRE (1992).