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Shooting Dogs

Shooting Dogs

Shooting Dogs
Storbritannia/ 2005/ 1 t. 56 min.
Claire-Hope Ashitey, Hugh Dancy, David Gyasi, Dominique Horwitz, John Hurt
Michael Caton-Jones
Richard Alwyn, David Belton, David Wolstencroft
Ivan Strasburg
David Belton, Pippa Cross, Jens Meurer
A powerful fictionalised account of the genocide in Rwanda

April 1994. The conflict between the Hutus and the Tutsies escalate into genocide. Thousands of Tutsis are slain while the international community fails to intervene. This is the back-drop for SHOOTING DOGS, a powerful fictionalised account of the events at a British missionary school in the capital Kigali. Joe, a young British man, has taken one year off to teach at the school alongside father Christopher. Life is normal, but suddenly all hell breaks loose, and thousands of Tutsis are killed. The school is set up as a safe haven under the protection of a handful UN-soldiers, but the soldiers are only there to observe and have no mandate to intervene.

Michael Caton-Jones

Michael Caton-Jones made his directing debut with the 1989 independent smash-hit SCANDAL which earned him nominations for Camera d'Or and the Golden Globe. During the nineties he directed, among others, the films DOC HOLLYWOOD (1991), THIS BOY'S LIFE (1993) and MEMPHIS BELLE (1990). He has also directed the big screen thriller THE JACKAL (1997) and the ode to his home country Scotland, ROB ROY (1995).