BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
What is your nightmare? 5 horrifying tales from 5 of Western Norway's most talented directors
A highly original WWII resistance thriller about a young woman who goes undercover to save it all.
Love Will Tear Us Apart; people still remember these words. Few people know their meaning, until now
Intertwining stories of abuse, adultery, and anorexia center around a family in Mexico City
Would you kill someone to save your dying son?
A graveyard is both a resting place for the dead and a contemplative place for the living
Thrilling documentary about typography, graphic design and global visual culture
Disharmonious family life in harmonious surroundings. Quiet tale of love in Northern Germany.
Psychological thriller about a child prodigy who discovers his dark side
A bittersweet comedy about three mismatched refugees that are stranded in the Australian desert
A father estranged from his son. A son estranged from his life.


A handyman moves to a small town in Mallorca where his presence strikes a discord with the locals
Absurd masterpiece, in twelve tableaus, portraying the animality of humankind.
Award-winning drama about a village torn apart by on the theme of female genital mutilation
"Redacted" means adjusted record before being published. An anti-war film by master Brian De Palma
Michael Moore became world famous for his quest for an interview with the bad guy at General Motors
Glorious images and rich colours introduces us to Tokyo's forgotten courtesans of the 1700s
An intense French thriller about a man who meets an friend from school. But is he really a friend?
Filmed in stunning HD video, SHARKWATER takes you into the richest shark waters of the world
Speed dating makes you say strange things and act clumsily A gem of a German film!
After a young actress unknowingly eats pot brownies, her day becomes a series of misadventures
A horror-thriller taking place in Romania, in the countryside, in the woods, in a haunted bungalow!
An encounter between three women on the run, protecting one another as well as themselves.
Film about the possibility of respect, understanding and overcoming generational and cultural gaps