BIFF 2020
Cinema Extraordinaire


Serbia/Tyskland/Ungarn / 2007 / 106 min
Srdjan Golubovic
Would you kill someone to save your dying son?

Mladen has to make a terrible choice, between the life of his son who is terminally ill, and that of a complete stranger. He needs money for an operation, and the only person who is willing to pay expects him to kill someone in return. This intense and realistic Serbian version of a classic film noir plot is used to highlight some of the serious issues haunting Serbia โ€“ the rise of capitalism, loss of individuality and the corruption of honest people.

Srdjan Golubovic

THE TRAP is the follow-up to the director's stylistic debut ABSOLUTE HUNDRED (2001). Srdjan Golubovic hails from a music-video and advertising background, but has toned his style down considerably in his second film. But a similar theme runs through both films โ€“ small, personal crime stories that try to say something about the general Balkan condition. The director has stated that Serbia needs these types of films to process what has happened to them in the past.