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The Mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain
Storbritannia/ 2007/ 1 t. 30 min.
Matthew McNulty, Gerard Kearns, Shaun Dooley, Leo Gregory m.fl.
Marc Munden
Tony Marchant
Matt Gray
Lynn Horsford
A court-martial uncovers the events that took place in Basra 2003, where civilians were killed


Basra, 2003: Two long-time friends, Shane and Mark, soldiers in the British army, go through their first combat mission. Face to face with the dangerous reality, the two are dragged into horrific events in which they play a very questionable role. Once they get home, their acts come to light through photos Shane brought home as a dubious trophy. The shocking evidence of what they did in Iraq provokes a tremendous wave of reactions in their families and among the public, and both soldiers are forced to tell the story of what really happened that night in Basra.

Marc Munden

Marc Munden is a filmmaker known for the shorts, documentaries, and feature films he makes primarily for the BBC. His documentary films include BERMONDSEY BOY (91), GIRLFRIENDS (93), and THE OUTSIDER (97). His television work has included films like CHRISTMAS (96), VANITY FAIR (98 – BAFTA Award), THE SECRET WORLD OF MICHAEL FRY (00), SHINY SHINY BRIGHT NEW HOLE IN MY HEART (06). His cinema debut was with the film MIRANDA (02), a thriller about three identities in the form of one sexy woman. THE MARK OF CAIN (07), on which Munden again collaborated with Tony Marchant (the writer of the successful THE KNIGHT'S TALE), was awarded at the Rotterdam IFF.