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Norwegian documentary
folket og presidenten

The People and the President – a portrait of the Bolivarian Revolution

Folket og presidenten – et portrett av den bolivarianske revolusjonen
Norge / 2007 / 86 min
Iselin Åsedotter Strønen & Hildegunn Wærness
How come controversial Hugo Chávez seems to enjoy such incredible support from his people?

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez gets a lot of attention for his mockery of the USA and for challenging our idea of democracy. The poor seem to love him, and apparently he wins the elections fair and square, but political commentators don't like the idea of giving too much power to one man. In THE PEOPLE AND THE PRESIDENT we meet his supporters awaiting the 2006 elections. They explain how his reforms are blessings and how they fear a coup d’état or an invasion.

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen & Hildegunn Wærness

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen’s Master from the University of Bergen included fieldwork in Venezuela on grass root movements in a Caracas barrio on political work within the barrio and in relation to the state, plus Chávez’s Bolivarian Revolution.

Hildegunn Wærness has studied film at Stockholms Universitet and directing at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. As a director she works with Manifesto Grupo Acción. In feature length UPA! UNA PELICULA ARGENTINA (2006) she worked as an actress, a photographer and a script writer. She also has experience from journalism and photography.