Norwegian documentary
1/2 engel

1/2 ANGEL - 1/2 DEMON

1/2 engel – 1/2 demon
Norge / 2007 / 51 min
Anders Jørgensen
Meet the performance artist Ole Mads Vevle in a film without subtitles – but does it matter?


The performance artist Enkeltmannsforetaket Ole Mads Vevle is one of Bergen's truly original voices. He made himself a name in Cannes when he, as the main character and script writer won a prize for Best short film at the Critic's Week in 2005. Ole Mads is quite occupied with the fact that so many things in life seem to be under the dominance of religion and particularly the church in our country. He is also very anti-authoritarian and fits very well in at BIFF with a programme on Revolution and democracy, and In the Name of the Father.

Anders Jørgensen

Anders Jørgensen (Bergen, 1976) has worked with documentaries and shorts in Feber Film for many years. He works in the intersection between art and commerce and has made a film named HYDROMATOPOETIKON (06) for the Oil Company Norsk Hydro. He is currently working for the Norwegian channel cluster NRK.