BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Internasjonal fiksjon
Du levande

You, the Living

Du levande
Sverige/ / 1 t. 33 min.
Roy Andersson
Pernilla Sandstöm
Roy Andersson's heartwarming and spectacularly funny sequel to SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR

YOU, THE LIVING starts out much like its predecessor, the internationally acclaimed SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR. We are presented with a bleak tableau of a woman, a bench, a boyfriend and a dog. Once the woman breaks out in one of the most infectious songnumbers of recent years, however, it becomes apparent that this movie is considerably funnier than its director's previous effort. YOU, THE LIVING is one of the funniest and most life-affirming Scandinavian films in a long time.

Roy Andersson