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CSNY / Déjà Vu

CSNY / Déjà Vu
USA / 2008 / 96 min
Bernard Shakey
Music and politics from Neil Young

Since their debut in the late 'sixties, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have functioned as the "town criers" of their generation. With songs like "Ohio" and "Find the Cost of Freedom", CSNY were in the forefront of Vietnam-era protest and anti-war sentiment. Though fondly remembered for their harmonies and love songs, the band has never lost their political edge.

CSNY / DÉJÀ VU finds the band heading out on their "Freedom of Speech 2006" of North America, featuring music from Neil Young's controversial "Living With War" CD. With "Embedded" reporter Mike Cerre aboard, the film documents audience reactions to the music and the band's ongoing connection with its fans, all against the backdrop of the Iraq/Afghanistan War. The film also examines events surrounding the Tour in the crucial election season of 2006.

Songs from the Tour are woven together with archival material, news footage, and audience reaction and observations, as the film examines the issues surrounding the integration of politics and art.

Bernard Shakey

Bernard Shakey is the autocratic Svengali behind a series of films featuring Neil Young which includes among others JOURNEY THROUGH THE PAST (1974) and RUST
NEVER SLEEPS (1979). His company name, Shakey Pictures, provides an apt description of the relationship between the director and Mr Young.