BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Maria Larsson

Everlasting Moments

Maria Larssons Eviga ögonblick
Sverige/ 2008/ 2 t. 11 min.
Jan Troell
When Maria Larsson wins a camera in a lottery, her working class world is turned upside-down

When working class housewife Maria Larsson wins a camera in a lottery, her first impulse is to sell it in order to make money to feed and clothe her family. It's the early 20th century, Maria has barely seen a camera before and she has no idea how to operate one. Spurred on by the local photographer, Maria starts yearning for a life it becomes ever more apparent that her alcoholic day-laborer husband Sigfrid cannot give her. EVERLASTING MOMENTS is a warm and fascinating story of a woman's awakening and struggle for liberation, all the while echoing many of the central impulses in 20th century western society.

Jan Troell

Jan Troell (b. 1931) is considered among the greatest of modern Swedish filmmakers, taking his place amongst such names as Ingmar Bergman, Bo Widerberg and Roy Andersson. His directorial career stretches from 1965 and into the present, and includes such films as WHO SAW HIM DIE? (1968), THE EMIGRANTS (1971), THE NEW LAND (1972) and HAMSUN (1996). EVERLASTING MOMENTS is his first feature film in five years.