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Adrift in Tokyo

Adrift in Tokyo

Ten Ten (Tokyo Sanpo)
Japan / 2007 / 101 min
Miki Satoshi
A weird and funny walk through the streets of Tokyo

In his fifth feature film, director Miki Satoshi, best known for his hit television comedy shows, puts together a funny story about a debt collector who gives a debt-ridden student an ultimatum: Walk with me across Tokyo and I will clear your debt, or else...

ADRIFT IN TOKYO is more than two men taking a stroll around the city - it's a heartwarming and quirky story from one of the most exiting voices in Japanese film today.

Miki Satoshi

Miki Satoshi was born in 1961 in Japan. He is best known in his home country for his many hit TV comedy shows. He has also worked as a stage director. The last couple of years he has started directing feature films. He made his first feature film, IN THE POOL, in 2005 and quickly delivered TURTLES SWIM FASTER THAN EXPECTED the same year. In 2006 he wrote and directed DEATHFIX, and in 2007 he made ADRIFT IN TOKYO. All his films are comedies which can tend to be silly, and he has no serious plans of making a serious film either.