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Brasil / Italia/ 2008/ 1 t. 49 min.
Claudio Santamaria, Alicélia Batista Cabreira, Chiara Caselli
Marco Bechis
Marco Bechis, Luiz Bolognesi, Lara Fremder
Hélcio Alemão Nagamine
Amedeo Pagani, Marco Bechis, Fabiano Gullane, Cario Gullane
The suicide of two young Guarani Indians leads the tribe off their reserve with dangerous results

Conflict arises between Old World and New when a group of Guarani Indians move off their reserve. The move itself, triggered by the suicides of two young tribe members, reveals underlying tension as cultural identity is engulfed by modernisation. Marco Bechis' portrayal is a layered story anchored by the performances of real Guarani Indians, seen for the first time in leading roles. The film's spellbinding photography punctuates the authenticity the story projects.

Marco Bechis

Marco Bechis is an experienced feature film director and scriptwriter. His award-winning films bear witness of his sympathy with the underdog. His film FIGLI/HIJOS (2001) depicts life in the aftermath of Argentinian conflicts, as does GARAGE OLIMPO (1991) which was praised for its direct and uncomprimising approach by filmcritics and audiences alike. The film was nothing less than a sensation at the many South American Film Festivals it was screened at. LUCA'S FILM (1991) follows a group of friends travelling with the ashes of their recently deceased friend. The film proved an interesting insight into the topic of AIDS-victims and their loved ones without playing on controversy. His directorial debut ALAMBRADO (1991) won awards at the prestigious Film Festivals in Havanna and Locarno.