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De mørke sommerfuglers hjem

The Home of Dark Butterflies

Tummien perhosten koti
Finland / 2008 / 105 min
Dome Karukoski
A moving film that asks important questions about guilt, forgiveness, freedom and responsibility

The troubled Juhani has been bounced between foster homes and temporary families for six years, before ending up in a remote institution for troubled youth, known as "The Island". The place is run by the ruthless superintendent Olavi Harjula. The movie forces the spectators to ask themselves: How long do you have to keep paying for past mistakes and deeds? When can you forgive yourself and be set free? Or can you? And are you responsible for other people´s actions?

Dome Karukoski

Born in 1976 in Cyprus, Dome Karukoski moved to Finland when he was five. His mother is a Finish journalist and his father US actor George Dickerson. He studied filmmaking at the University of Art and Design of Helsinki. His graduation film BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD (2005) won several awards such as the Audience Award at Finland's Jussi Awards and the Best Debut at Norway's Amanda Awards in 2006. THE HOME OF THE DARK BUTTERFLIES is his second feature film. The director has just finished shooting his third film, FORBIDDEN FRUIT, which will premiere in Finland in February 2009.