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Dreams with Sharp Teeth – A Film About Harlan Ellison

Dreams with Sharp Teeth – A Film About Harlan Ellison
USA / 2008 / 96 min
No one is safe when Star Trek-spindoctor Harlan Ellison unleashes his wrath on the unrighteous

Star Trek-spindoctor Harlan Ellison takes no hostages in this unique tribute to the man, the writer, and his diatribes. Ellison spews out insults at random strangers on the street, he chastises the Warner Bros. corporation, he's full of venom for Tom Clancy, and yet he'll get teary-eyed over an old picture of his late father. Ellison's tower of written work plays second fiddle in this portrayal, that's opted out of the linear retrospective common for biographical documentaries. Instead, we get a rare glimpse into the daily life of a literary giant.

Erik Nelson started out as a television writer in the eighties and then moved on to produce hundreds of TV-shows and documentaries from the nineties and up until today. As a producer, he's most famous for documentaries such as LEONARD COHEN: I'M YOU MAN and Werner Herzog's GRIZZLY MAN. DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH is his first feature lenght documentary.