BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary

David Lynch – One Night Stand

David Lynch – One Night Stand
USA / 2008 / 85 min
David Lynch
BIFF is proud to present the world premiere of David Lynch's latest project!

DAVID LYNCH – ONE NIGHT STAND is a presentation of new projects by David Lynch. Producer Jon Nguyen, who will be introducing the event, has put together a selection of rare material, of which one (INTERVIEW PROJECT) is a world premiere.

NTERVIEW PROJECT is a collection of interviews with completely unknown people put together by Lynch and Co. to evoke a decidedly lynchian atmosphere.

DAVID LYNCH'S COOKING SHOW: ... is just what it sounds like. In other words, like nothing you've ever seen before.

LYNCH2: The follow-up to LYNCH which was screened at last year's festival.

David Lynch

David Lynch (b. 1946) is the greatest visionaries of modern cinema. Having spent six years filming his debut feature ERASERHEAD (1976), he went on to direct such innovative and critically acclaimed films as THE ELEPHANT MAN (1980), BLUE VELVET (1986), WILD AT HEART (1990), LOST HIGHWAY (1997), MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001) and INLAND EMPIRE (2006). Together with Mark Frost he created the TV series TWIN PEAKS (1990-91). Lynch's films are characterized by their nightmarish moods and dramlike logic, as a director and writer Lynch is constantly challenging the structure of narratives and characters. But most importantly he has the ability to all at once charm, baffle and frighten audiences all over the world.