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International documentary
Man on Wire

Man on Wire

Man on Wire
USA / Storbritannia/ 2008/ 1 t. 34 min.
Philippe Petit, Jean-Louis Blondeau, Jean-Francois Heckel, David Demato, Annie Alix, David Roland Frank, Ardis Campbell, David Foreman m.fl.
James Marsh
Igor Martinovic
Simon Chinn, Jonathan Hewes, Andrea Meditch, Victoria Gregory, Maureen A. Ryan
The artistic crime of the 20th century - the film of the year!

This superbly intense and thrilling documentary deals with the eccentric French tightrope dancer Philippe Petit, who committed the illegal act of walking between the Twin Towers on Manhattan in August 1974. MAN ON WIRE is a reconstrution of what happened. Petit spent years in preparation before this "crime" took place. The huge success of this film is partly due to the fact that the director James Marsh has an eye for details and a huge gift for directing, but also because Philippe Petit is such a wonderful storyteller with perfect timing.

James Marsh