BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Sverige/Finland / 2007 / 58 min
Jerzy Sladkowski
65 years of marriage summed up through discussions about wallpaper

Hans and Kerstin have been married for 65 years. One day Hans decides to put up wallpaper on one of the walls of their summer house, even though Kerstin hates the idea. Through their discussions, conversations and fights about wallpaper, we get a portrait of their history and life together. We also get a glimpse of a part of Sweden which is slowly fading away.

With PARADISE, veteran filmmaker Jerzy Sladkowski has made a humorous and romantic documentary.

Jerzy Sladkowski

Jerzy Sladkowski (b. 1945) has directed such awardwinning films as VENDETTA (1997), BÄSTISAR (2004) and MY AMERICAN FAMILY (2004). Since leaving his native Poland, he has made more than 40 films, most of which are documentaries.