BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
USA / 2007 / 93 min
Doug Pray
The gripping and peculiar tale of a family of surfers who lived their life outside of society

Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz must rank as one of the greatest American eccentrics of the 20th century. Formerly a doctor, he chose to leave the civilized life behind and make a new life for himself and his ever-increasing family. Taking cues on child-rearing and personal hygiene from gorillas and other animals, Doc raised his many children in a small camper van, denying them both education and the permission to work to support the family. Instead they focused on surfing. SURFWISE is a strangely compelling story of a true outsider. The film examines the results of the unconventional choices he made on behalf of his family.

Doug Pray

Doug Pray is an American documentary filmmaker who often explores different subcultures in his films. He has directed such films as HYPE! (1996), SCRATCH (2001), RED DIAPER BABY (2004) and BIG RIG (2007). SURFWISE is his seventh feature length documentary film.