BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Kvinnen i kjøleskapet

Varg Veum - The Woman in the Fridge

Varg Veum - Kvinnen i kjøleskapet
Norge/Danmark / 2008 / 87 min
Alexander Eik
The fifth film about Varg Veum

An international oil drilling company hires private investigator Varg Veum to find their missing systems designer, Arne Samuelsen. Varg discovers the headless body of a woman jammed into the fridge in Arne's apartment - and is promptly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up the body is missing. Varg has to clear his name and confront a ruthless extortionist in a maze of deception and sexual ambiguity.

Alexander Eik

Alexander Eik is known for the vibrant, warm and funny stories of his previous films. His feature film debut THE WOMAN OF MY LIFE was the first romantic comedy in Norway since the 1950's, and turned out to be a huge box office hit. Eik is educated as a painter, but started making films in 1993. Since then he has worked as a writer, photographer and director. Eik was the chairman of the jury in the TV series Film Star, an acting competition which doubled as casting for the feature COLD FEET (2006). He has directed two of the Varg Veum films: WOMAN IN THE FRIDGE and BURIED DOGS.