BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary
Über Wasser

About Water (People and Yellow Cans)

Über Wasser, Menschen und gelbe Kanister
Østerrike/Luxemburg / 2007 / 82 min
Udo Maurer
When water runs out, the world ends

Water is the source of all life, yet it can also be a destructive force of apocalyptic proportions. Our history is full of accounts of water-related catastrophes, from mythical deluges and droughts to the tsunamis and famines of today. Yet the greatest disaster of all would be a world without water. In ABOUT WATER director Udo Maurer takes us on a beautiful and dramatic journey around the world and introduces us to people whose lives are defined by either a lack or a surplus of water.

Udo Maurer

Udo Maurer has worked as a cinematographer and cameraman in several projects. ABOUT WATER is his first film as a director.