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Norwegian documentary
Yodok Stories

Yodok Stories

Yodok Stories
Norge / 2008 / 83 min
Andrzej Fidyk
Andrzej Fidyk, Torstein Grude
Tore Vollan, Torstein Grude
Torstein Grude

Today, more than 200.000 men, women and children are locked up in North Korea's concentration camps. Systematic torture, starvation and murder is what faces the inmates. Few survive many years in the camps, but the population is kept stable by a steady influx of new people considered 'class enemies'.

A small group of people have managed to flee from the camps to a new life in the prosperous South Korea. Some of them gather and decide to make an extraordinary and controversial musical about their experiences in the Yodok concentration camp.

Despite death treats and many obstacles the musical becomes a tour de force for this ensemble of refugees and for them a possibility opens to talk about their experiences and inspire others to protest the existence of the camps.

Andrzej Fidyk

Andrzej Fidyk (b. 1943) has directed more than 40 documentary films for Polish and British television, and has been awarded a number of prizes for his work. Many regard Fidyk as one of Poland's best documentary film directors, and his filmography includes favourites like BATTU’S BIOSCOPE (aka MOBILE CINEMA OF DREAMS, 1998) and THE PARADE (1989). He has been making two films for the Norwegian company Piraya Film: BELARUSIAN WALTZ (2007) and YODOK STORIES (2008). Fidyk is originally educated as an economist, majoring in international trade at Warsaw University.