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Jerusalem Is Proud to Present

Yerushalayim Gea'a Lehatzig
Israel / 2007 / 82 min
Nitzan Giladi
The international World Pride Parade, planned for Jerusalem in 2006, is disrupted by - everybody!

The summer of 2006 Jerusalem was due to host the annual World Pride celebrations and gay pride parade, unprecedented in the city's history. This hair-raising documentary captures the homophobic hate campaign launched by fundamentalist religious groups. Death threats pour into the Open House, Jerusalem’s LGBT community centre, while in the Jerusalem City Council arguments for equality from its only openly gay member are met with verbal abuse, and the mayor is so disinterested in democracy that he simply leaves the room.

Nitzan Giladi

Nitzan Giladi (b. 1970) is an Israeli film director who has made the three films THE LAST ENEMY (99), IN SATMAR CUSTODY (03) and JERUSALEM IS PROUD TO PRESENT.