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Making Of

Making of, le dernier film
Tunisia / Marokko / 2006 / 120 min
Nouri Bouzid
Offering one of the most original and in-depth approaches by Arab cinema to the issue of terrorism

The actor Lofti feels that he is being manipulated when he discovers that Bahta, the dancer he is playing in a film, is destined to become a fundamentalist terrorist. The film is being shot in 2003, at a time when Iraq is invaded by the American army. All the characters feel humiliated and wounded at the very core of their beings by the war. The spectre of of September 11 is floating over them.

Nouri Bouzid

Nouri Bouzid (b. Sfax, 1945) was educated in Bruxelles and graduated from the film academy INSAS in 1972. He was imprisoned from 1973 to 1979 and tortured for his leftist views. He has worked on a good number of films and has made at least five fiction films, among them BEZNESS (92).