BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Norwegian documentary
En reise

A Journey in the Future of Water: The Water Age

En reise i vannets fremtid: Vannets tidsalder
Norge / 2008 / 52 min
Anders Taylor Larsen
Water is the new oil. In the future supremacy over water will cause conflicts between states.

Geographer Terje Tvedt takes us on a journey where geopolitical challenges linked to water are central. Water alters society and sets political agendas. This award-winning documentary combines an engaging narrative with profound academic knowledge and stunning photography. Tvedt visits South Africa and Lesotho, we see the importance of The Nile and we see deserts replacing agriculture in Spain. And according to the film, China will never let go of their water source, Tibet.

Anders Taylor Larsen

Anders Taylor Larsen has been working at NRK for many years and did groundbreaking work for Metropol TV. He has directed THE SOUND OF PARIS (2004), a documentary on music in Paris.

Narrator Terje Tvedt is a professor at The University of Bergen and has worked especially on water in history and development, an issue he has published several books on. He initiated this project in 1997. He has also written the scripts of documentaries on Norwegian aid and its paradoxes.