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bak fasaden

Behind the Facade

Bak fasaden
Norge / 2008 / 100 min
Stephan A. Hergel
Are you ready for a Norwegian low-budget murder mystery?

The Riebers are a wealthy family living in the south of Norway. Rieber Sr. is the head of a profitable shipping insurance company, his wife is a housewife with a taste for alcohol and their children are eccentrics in their own right. In the tradition of Agatha Christie, the family prefers to air its grievances over lavish dinners - with murder as a central ingredient.

BAK FASADEN is an ambitious and charming amateur production that proves that Norway is still fertile ground for filmmakers.

Stephan A. Hergel

Stephen A. Hergel works with film distribution, film criticism and filmmaking. BEHIND THE FACADE, in which he appears as both an actor, writer, producer, cinematographer and director, is his first feature film.