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International documentary


Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel
Israel / 2007 / 62 min
Ari Libsker
Fascinating look at a strange part of Israel's literary past

Stalag is a kind of erotic literature that was exceptionally popular in Israel during the 1960's. The books depicted the torture and rape of prisoners of war during WW2, performed by beautiful Aryan Nazi women. STALAGS examines the reasons why this appealed to a nation that still had the Holocaust fresh in its mind. The writers and the readers of the books try to explain their fascination with stories of sexual violence performed on Jewish men.

Ari Libsker

Ari Libsker, born in the north of Israel, is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He gained notoriety for his documentary CIRCUMCISION (2004), which tackled the role circumcision had for Israeli sexual life. He works as a film teacher and journalist for the financial paper Firma.