BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
A film about starting a band – about the ups, the downs, the girls, the music and the hunt for the big record contract
Things turn ugly as middle class Iranians on a trip to The Caspian Sea cling to social customs
A young newlywed couple in Hanoi explore their sexual desires
Afghanistan's finally gotten its own version of "Pop Idol". Three of the contestants are women.
An unflinching documentary by an artist specializing in destruction and end times-imagery
Fifty turbulent years in Italian history from the director of CINEMA PARADISO
An unforgettable journey through Ceausescus Romania in a time of madness, tragedy and black humour
A Belgian take on the life of Charles Bukowski, presenting him as dead drunk and hopelessly in love
Indigenous Ecouadorians sue Chevron for having ruined their lives with reckless oil spillage
A funny, engaging and beautifully shot roadmovie through modern day Belgium
HEIMEGUTAR is the documentary about the hip-hop band Side Brok from downtown Ørsta, Norway.
What do the objects with which we surround ourselves tell us about who we are and who we want to be?
A documentary about homosexuality, homophobia and double standards in the American congress
THE RECKONING tells the story of the ICC: The International Criminal Court and the many conflicts it is involved in
An exciting and nuanced documentary about what is happening to the art of newspaper journalism
The Arabic oil adventure has brought futuristic cities such as Dubai to a traditional desert society
Meet Sergio Vieira de Mello - the James Bond of international diplomacy
A beautiful film about a man who returns to his hometown to die
Part environmental documentary, part horror film - but not least a spy thriller!
A LAKE is an intense and somewhat inaccessible celebration of film as art
A critical documentary about Silvio Berlusconi's use of television as a political tool
A bleak and naturalistic portrait of two Scottish junkie lovers.
A mother-daughter relationship from hell in contemporary Russia.
Malian magic in a fabulously shot film based on a Bambara legend, with the music of Salif Keita