International documentary
Bocuse d'or

The Chicken, the Fish and the King Crab

El pollo, el pez y el cangrejo real
Spania / 2008 / 86 min
José Luis López-Linares
World class cooking seasoned with world class filmmaking

Biannual French cookery contest Bocuse d'Or is the culinary world's equivalent of The Olympic Games. Here the best chefs from all over the world – one from each country – gather to compete for the unofficial title of The World's Greatest Chef. Director Jose Louis Lopez-Linares follows the young spanish chef Jesus Almagro in his bid for the title.
THE CHICKEN, THE FISH AND THE KING CRAB is a highly entertaining film which mixes gastronomical feats of astronomical proportions with world class filmmaking.

José Luis López-Linares

José Luis López-Linares is a Spanish director who also works as a director of photography for other directors. THE CHICKEN, THE FISH AND THE KING CRAB is his twelfth film as director.