Once Upon a Time Proletarian

Women cengjing de wuchanzhe
Kina / Storbritannia / 2009 / 76 min
Xiaulo Guo
The fate of the everyman in the wake of China's economic revolution

ONCE UPON A TIME PROLETARIAN is a documentary that portrays the consequences of China's capitalist revolution for the Chinese everyman. Over the course of twelve chapters, we meet twelve different people who have all had their lives drastically changed by China's change of economic policy. Among others, we meet a weapons plant employee who longs for the days of Mao and a hotel manager who praises the economic policies of the government. The resulting film is a highly engrossing view of an ongoing revolution.

Xiaulo Guo

 Chinese Xiaulo Guo leads a parallel career as both a filmmaker and a novelist. She is educated at the Beijing Film Academy and splits her time between Beijing and London. Her novels have been translated into more than twenty languages, and her films have been screened at festivals such as Rotterdam and Sundance. SHE, A CHINESE (2009), her first fiction film, premiered at this year's festival in Locarno.