Eyes Wide Open

Einaym Pkuhot
Israel / Tyskland / Frankrike / 2009 / 91 min
Haim Tabakman
Forbidden love in a kosher butcher shop

Eyes Wide Open is a gay love story in the heart of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem. Aaron, a respectable butcher in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox community, is married to Rivka and a dedicated father to four children. After his father's death, Aaron is looking for assistance in his business when a young, handsome and homeless Yeshiva (religious school) student, Ezri, comes upon the butcher shop by chance. Aaron decides to be Ezri's patron: he hires him, teaches him the craft of slaughtering, and houses Ezri in the shop's back room. Aaron invites Ezri to meals in his home and introduces him to the community. When they go together to a remote "Mikve" (a sacred ritual bath), an intimate moment occurs between them.

Haim Tabakman

Born in 1975, Haim Tabakman studied Cinema and Television at the University of Tel Aviv. His first short film, FREE LOADERS (2003), was selected in 2003 by the Cannes Film Foundation (Cinefondation), as well as by the Karlovy Vary and Montpellier Film Festivals. In 2004, another of his short films, THE POET’S HOME (2004), was amongst the Cinefondation's film selections at the Cannes Film Festival. Tabakman has also edited several films, including MY FATHER, MY LORD (2007) by David Volach. EYES WIDE OPEN (2009) is his first full-length feature film.