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Cinema Extraordinaire


USA / 2009 / 94 min
Lynn Shelton
Happy Humpity Humpday

After a drunken night, newly reunited college room mates Ben and Andrew conclude that if the two of them – as a pair of heterosexual males – have sex in front of a camera, it will transcend homosexuality, bromance and pornography and enter the world of art. The question is how to deal with the practicalities - and most importantly: Who' going to tell Ben's wife Anna?

HUMPDAY is a intimate portrayal of male friendship which manages to be both profound and one of this year's funniest films.

Lynn Shelton

Lynn Shelton is an American director born and raised in Seattle. She has worked both as an editor, writer and producer and has directed four feature length films: WE GO WAY BACK (2006), WHAT THE FUNNY (2008), MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE (2008) and HUMPDAY.