Cinema Extraordinaire

Men on the Bridge

Tyrkia / Tyskland / Nederland / 2009 / 87 min
Asli Özge
Documentary and fiction meet in this ensemble film about three men in Istanbul

Asli Özge's MEN ON THE BRIDGE is a film where documentary and fiction meet. Originally planned as a documentary, the film sees to of the three protagonists play themselves, while the third lead role is a piece of fiction brought to life by a professional actor. The result is a vibrant and immediate film that seems to capture the best of both worlds, combining the directness of documentary with the rigid structure of fiction. MEN ON THE BRIDGE proves that Turkey is definitely a country to watch when it comes to filmatic innovation.

Asli Özge

Aslı Özge was born in Istanbul in 1975. She graduated from the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Film & TV in 1999, and immediately afterwards she made the short film CAPITAL C, which won a string of awards from various festivals. Her feature followed in 2003 with LITTLE BIT OF APRIL, a co-production with ZDF/3sat. Her next project, a documentary entitled HESPEROS' APPRENTICES, competed in the Antalya Film Festival in 2005. 

In 2009, Özge completed her first theatrical feature MEN ON THE BRIDGE, which won the ‘Best Film' awards in both Istanbul and Adana Film Festivals. After the international premiere at the 62nd Locarno Film Festival, Men on the Bridge was shown at the film festivals in Toronto, Sarajevo, Reykjavik and Warsaw and will continue within the festival circuit at events such as BFI London, Montpellier, Sevilla, Thessaloniki.

Özge is currently working on her follow-up feature ASPHYXIA, which has received the script development award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival's Balkan Fund. With this project she was preselected for the Sundance Film Festival's New Directors Award in 2007. Recently, the project is also selected for the Nipkow Programm, a fellowship programme supported by Media and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.