Norwegian documentary

Mine dager

Mine dager
Norge / 2009 / 60 min
Hanne Jones & Eli Lea
27 short tales from 16 long lives

What are the defining moments of your life? Hanne Jones and Eli Lea from the Bergen-based production company Flimmer Film have gone from door to door in different old people's homes in to collect different answers to this one question, interviewing 16 persons between the ages of 82 and 101 in the process. MINE DAGER is a charming and heartwarming documentary.

Hanne Jones & Eli Lea

 Hanne Jones has a bachelor's degree in "Journalism, Film and Broadcasting" from Cardiff University. At Flimmer Film, she works as a produser for the Digitale Fortellinger-concept. She currently works as a production manager for the TV-series "Med Bjarte på rette staden" which will air on TV2 in November. Hanne has also been the casting director for the short films LITEN KNUTE and NEVERMIND THE WEATHER, as well as FORLAT OSS VÅR SKYLD and the TV-series "Olje!".

Eli Lea has a masters degree in history and media studies from the University of the West of England. She has been the project leader for the Digiale Fortellinger-concept at Flimmer Film, along with Hanne Jones, Rune Smistad and Chriser Fasmer. She has also been producer and project leader for the information- and education department at Flimmer. She now works as a producer for Bergens Tidende.